TVLogic LEM-250C OLED Colour Accurate Professional SDI Video monitor for onset and field work

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TVLogic LEM-250C 24.5" Full HD 10-bit OLED Colour Critical Grade 1 broadcast video monitorFollowing on from the success of IBC 2014, TVLogic are now shipping their latest 24.5″ OLED video monitors in the UK.

The LEM-250C is a lower priced version of the high-end LEM-250A. Both models feature the same true 10-bit AM-OLED screen which produces excellent black levels and vivid colour reproduction. Matching all the features of TVLogic’s XVM Grade 1 LCD series the LEM-250C produces the highest possible image quality for colour critical environments. This level of performance has traditionally been the preserve of edit and grading suites but the LEM-250C has one major trick up its sleeve – it can be run from a 24V DC power source, making it ideal for onset and field work.

Similar screens such as the Sony PVM-A250 OLED monitor require AC mains power to operate. Having the ability to run from battery power gives you the flexibility to take a high-end colour accurate monitor on location for use as a colour reference screen. At 24.5″ the screen maybe to large for jib operators or camera crew but will be welcomed by DOP’s, DIT’s and Directors who want to see the best looking images possible.

If you are interested in seeing this OLED monitor then contact us to arrange a demonstration.