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8x3 46-inch Control Room Video Wall

Whether you are looking for a 2×2 or larger video wall, we provide solutions to fit all scenarios and budgets. From advertising walls to control room displays, we can tailor a video wall solution to your exact requirements.

Dark Trace Control Room with 55" Touch Table integration
3×3 Video Wall Control Room with 55″ Touch Table integration for DarkTrace
3x3 55 inch video wall

Indoor Video Walls

Pixelution carry a range of high quality screens, mounts and accessories to build commercial and professional grade video walls. Ideally suited for digital signage, control room and large information displays. With many years experience and a wide range of options, we have the perfect video wall solution for every scenario.

Video walls can be wall mounted, floor or ceiling mounted, and even free-standing or mobile. With ultra-narrow bezel screens for a near seamless image, or standard public display screens for the tighter budget. We will create your personal video wall configuration, with installation if required. Video walls are a versatile solution for displaying all types of information. Video walls can be a single large display or divided into multiple sections. Can’t decide? Add the option to change configurations at the touch of a button. This makes them ideally suited for control room applications where several feeds maybe required on screen at any one time. With the option to fill the wall from a single feed for presentations or other highlight events.

“Thanks again for all your work on this. The finished result is excellent.”

David Williams, Local World – 3×3 46″ Video Wall customer.

High Bright Video Walls

We also carry a range of more specialised video wall screens for high brightness or high resolution solutions. For use in windows or high ambient light areas we have ultra-narrow bezel screens rated at 3,000 nits. These are approx. six times brighter than standard video wall screens. Although designed to be visible in direct sunlight the extra brightness also ensures the images are truly eye catching.

See more of our High Bright range of screens here.

High Bright In-Window Video Wall

“Thank you for the thoroughly professional job you did.”

Martin, Stopfordian – 3×3 55″ Video Wall customer

3x3 46inch Video Wall Native resolution

High Resolution Video Walls

Want more pixels for the ultimate high resolution display? We can drive each screen in the video wall at its native resolution. A 3×3 video wall will then have a desktop resolution of 5,760 x 3,240 pixels – greater than UHD or 4K. Any size video wall can be driven in this way to give you an ultra high resolution display. This level of detail is an excellent solution for installations which require the highest image quality for advertising and sales.

Looking for the ultimate large-scale seamless video wall experience?

Have you considered our LED Video Wall options found here.

Lower Cost Video Walls

Don’t need a seamless image, high brightness or resolution, but still want to make an impact? We can build standard displays into a video wall. If you are displaying statistical data, schedules or other text based information then bezel width is not such an issue. Content can be designed around the grid to ensure visibility. This type of solution has its limitations but does still provide a large and impressive display on a reduced budget.

Alternatively we have a range of ultra-large LCD displays, capable of replacing 2×2 Video Walls with a single seamless screen. These screens are not always cheaper than a video wall but do provide the ultimate easy-to-use and truly eye-catching display.

The 100″ DynaScan screen is the ultimate example – details can be found here.

5x2 43inch Video Wall

“Thanks for sorting all this out at such short notice, you did a great job!”

Andy Seaton , Reward Gateway – 3×3 55″ Video Wall customer.

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The width will depend on the number and size of screens. We will provide the closest available size to your request.
The height will depend on the number and size of screens. We will provide the closest available size to your request.
If you select a size that is not 16:9 Landscape format you may need to create your content especially to fit the video wall.