DynaScan High Brightness 24/7 LCD Public Display Monitors



Key Features:

  • World’s Brightest LCD Screens
  • Superior Calibrated Colour Quality
  • Blackening Defect Free LCD Up To 110°C (230°F)
  • Full HD 1080P Resolution
  • Automatic Brightness Control
  • Narrow Bezel For Video Wall Applications


Sunlight Viewable

With maximum brightness ratings up to 7,000 cd/m², DynaScan High Brightness LCDs produce a sunlight viewable image which may easily be seen in store-front windows and other brightly lit indoor environments.


High Contrast Picture

DynaScan utilizes a proprietary, patented LED local dimming backlighting technique. Darker areas of an image receive less backlighting than lighter areas resulting in incredible contrast as high as 1,000,000:1 (dynamic).


Low Power Usage

LED back lighting is far more energy efficient than traditional CCFL backlights. DynaScan high brightness LCDs consume very little power for the brightness they produce, saving money on operational costs.

The DynaScan Public Display LCD Monitor Range