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Compact but rugged Public Information Displays

PID are rugged industrial display equipped with a special ventilation system capable of operating in open places even in the presence of iron powders, up to an ambient temperature of 40 °C. It’s use is particularly recommended for outdoor venues, preferably without direct sunlight on display. It is suitable for installation in the rain, the snow, in the presence of salt or pollution. Designed to be “always on”, it provides good performance in terms of readability with special care to design, ergonomics and functionality. The monitor has an ambient light sensor to dynamically adjust the brightness of the display according to the ambient light. This translates into a considerable saving of energy cost and an extension of the life cycle of the display. The enclosure is made entirely of aluminium, with a glass front which is vandal-resistant and anti-reflective. This makes it immune to electromagnetic interference and especially resistant to corrosion. It has a frontal compass opening and uses hydraulic shock absorber to facilitate the operations of ordinary maintenance. The Public Information Display are available in size 38″ stretched and 22″, with a wide range of accessories and options for the wall or ceiling, also there is dual-monitor setup in a” V ” shape. Particularly suitable for applications in transport, is used as a remote indication in the subways, railway stations and airports, but also in industrial facilities, harbours, shipyards and naval fleets, where the information must be guaranteed even in the most adverse conditions.

Main Features

  • Made to function in the most adverse conditions
    Made to function in open spaces with an environmental temperature not above 40°C, does not use traditional air conditioning internally, rather it uses a patented forced air ventilation system. The PID Stretch was created to respond to client needs for an outdoor unit that could fully function under rain, snow, in the presence of saltiness, iron dust and atmospheric pollution.
  • Advanced Diagnostics
    Our advance diagnostics system is able to monitor data coming from the electronic boards, media player, digital sensors, regulate temperature, humidity sensor, air conditioning functions, ventilation and external light sensor (LCD optical sensor) for the control of the operating status of the LCD matrix.
  • Exclusive design
    A perfect balance between elegance and robustness. The attention to design, and care of particular details like prestigious materials are what differentiate FIDA products.
  • Energy saving
    PID Stretched Semi-outdoor utilizes an LED Edge LCD display and has a internal luminosity sensor that adapts the luminosity of the display automatically according to environmental conditions.
  • High reliability for 24/7 usage
    Designed to be “always on”, the PID Stretch offers optimum performance in terms of readability, with particular attention to aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and especially to usage. The frontal anti-vandal and anti-reflective glass has 3G connectivity makes it usable in any setting.
  • Robust and vandal proof
    The enclosure is made entirely of aluminium making it immune to electromagnetic disturbances with an excellent resistance to corrosion. It has a compass frontal opening with hydraulic shock absorbers to facilitate the operations of ordinary maintenance.


Display Size


Structure and Materials

  • Main structure in anti-corrosive aluminium
  • Anti-glare safety 4+4 tempered glass
  • Safety Lock and invisible screws and hinges
  • Frontal door for easy maintenance
  • Vandal proof grade structure (IK08)
  • Wide range of accessories for wall and ceiling mounting


Colours and Finishes



LVD 2006/95/EC
EMC 2004/108/EC
IP Code IEC 60529
IK Rating IEC 62262
Safety of IEC 60950-1
Sine Vibration Test IEC 60068-2-6
Safety Requirements of AV and Similar IEC 60065

PID 22-inch Public Information Display Specifications (click to expand)

PID 38-inch Public Information Display Specifications (click to expand)