SST is ideal for any kind of 24/7 interactive retail signage, way finding and kiosk applications
as well as for interactive whiteboard usages in meeting rooms and class rooms.

Based on the new touch technology ShadowSense™ the display delivers true multi-touch support with up to 6 simultaneous touch points. ShadowSense™ touch is an innovative and patented optical position sensing technology. Unlike other optical technologies that utilize cameras or imaging arrays, ShadowSense™ designs use high performance sensors to provide unprecedented performance, stability, and accuracy. Thanks to anti reflective coating, reflections are reduced to a minimum which significantly increases the readability of the content shown. A dedicated Dashboard tool allows the user to adjust the performance and touch characteristics based on specific application usage.

Please note touch screen models are subject to change on a regular basis as new sensors come to market and screens are refreshed. Please contact us with your requirement and we can recommend the best model currently available for your application.