» » » » » NEC X841UHD-SST – 84″ 4k UHD Professional LCD Monitor with ShadowSense Touch

NEC X841UHD-SST – 84″ 4k UHD Professional LCD Monitor with ShadowSense Touch

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State-of-the-art 4k UHD NEC professional 84-inch Public Display LCD with the highest standards in reliability for all kinds of high resolution applications.

Protective Glass option available for use in public spaces.


Size 84 inch
Contrast 1400:1
Power Consumption [W] 500 max.
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Panel Technology S-IPS with edge LED backlights
Brightness [cd/m²] 500(max)
Resolution 3840 x 2160


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NEC MultiSync X841UHD SST is the new multi-touch product of NEC’s XUHD Series boasting 84″ in size. The display sets new standards in image size and quality by providing a 84 inch (213 cm) canvas with Ultra High Definition (UHD). Based on the new touch technology ShadowSense™ the display delivers true multi-touch support with up to 6 simultaneous touch points. ShadowSense™ touch is an innovative and patented optical position sensing technology. Unlike other optical technologies that utilize cameras or imaging arrays, ShadowSense™ designs use high performance sensors to provide unprecedented performance, stability, and accuracy.

This display is ideal for any heavy duty interactive application from control rooms to CAD/CAM, from medical review to professional conferencing, from creative multimedia design to life size digital signage.


  • ShadowSense™ Touch – offering real-time tracking of all touch points (6 to 8 ms response time) and sub-2 mm touch point accuracy. No ghost touches or dead zones.
  • Multi-Touch – true multi-touch support with up to 6 simultaneous touch points for all major operating systems
  • High Ambient Light Operation – enhanced filtering and analogue sensors allow operation in bright condition up to full sunlight.
  • Static Object Detection and Rejection – solid touch activation of any objects ≥ 4 mm in diameter. Possible usage with finger, gloved hand and stylus. Configurable hover distance for touch detection and palm rejection.
  • Driver-free – no need to install any drivers on the host PC for all major operating systems. Interface to host PC is USB HID protocol with no drivers, calibration or application software on the host.
  • Protective Glass – single anti-reflection coating for perfect visibility, premium toughened glass for security.
  • Automatic Touch Detection – detect and switch automatically between interaction from a finger, eraser or pen device (supported by Microsoft Office 2013, DisplayNote NEC Edition).


The Benefits of NEC’s ShadowSense Touch Displays
Fast, Accurate, Repeatable: ShadowSense touch screens have some of the fastest touch screen response times,regardless of the number of touches, and using the smallest amount of processing power possible.
High Ambient Light Immunity: Even in direct sunlight or environments that are extremely bright, ShadowSense displays are sunlight readable touch displays that are virtually immune to ambient light problems.
Ability to Sense Size of Object: When a device is able to detect size and spacing for touch screens,users gain exceptional control. ShadowSense touch screens have this feature built-in, allowing for instantaneous reactions to different objects.
Palm Rejection: Avoid unintentional inputs with palm rejection, one of the touch screen benefits of being able to detect object sizes and define what is recognized as a valid touch.
Recognize Pen and Eraser Instantly: Avoid cumbersome menu settings by enabling multi-touch object recognition, letting you seamlessly transition between pen, eraser, and finger inputs.
Eliminates Accidental Touches: ShadowSense touch is ensuring quick,accidental touches are not recognized as inputs. This makes ShadowSense touch screens much more reliable to use, which is important in a number of applications, including engineering, manufacturing, medical fields, and aerospace.
Controls Hover Distance: If you want to allow a ShadowSense touch screen to detect inputs that do not actually touch the screen, you can allow for hover touch inputs that trigger from a predetermined distance above the screen’s surface.
Easier to Process Mouse Click: The ability to accept multi-touch input makes it easier for ShadowSense to identify different finger motions, distinguishing between double clicks, clicks, and click/drags more effectively.


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