A complete Digital Signage Package designed as an out-of-the-box advertising solution.

Digital Menu Screens - Indoor Networked Customer Information Displays

32″, 43″, 50″ & 55″ models that work in Landscape or Portrait orientation.

This range of digital advertising screens is designed to provide a cost-effective and complete digital signage solution. Combining a commercial grade LCD screen with a built-in Networked Android Media Player, with the first year subscription to a cloud based Content Management System backed by a 3 year hardware warranty with lifetime technical support. Digital Menu Boards, customer information and advertising is made simple with this all-in-one Digital Signage solution.

Easy to use

The CMS gives you access to a library of layout templates to help get you started with your digital content. Within each pre-designed template you get the original media files, template layout and playlist. You can customise each of these elements how you want. You can add your own branding, images or videos. Change the font size or colour. The templates are fully adaptable to your needs

Built to last

The screen hardware is commercial grade with an IPS panel for wide viewing angles. and a brightness of 450cd/m2. For areas with high ambient light levels we also have 43″ & 55″ screens with a brightness of 700cd/m2 for increased clarity and a more vibrant image. With a lifespan of over 50,000 hours the screen can be in use 24/7 with no loss in image quality. There are no external buttons or controls on the screens to avoid tampering, and no distracting logos or lights making the on-screen content the sole focus of the display.

Control Remotely

The first year of the cloud based management system is absolutely free. You don’t pay anything for 12 months and get full unrestricted access to the software as well as lifetime technical support. You can also purchase 3 additional year’s access at a discounted rate with the screen, or top up your subscription year on year as you go on. If you decide you do not want to continue with the CMS then the screens can be set to run in standalone mode for simple image and video playback.

Network Digital Menu Board Range - screen

Updating your screens could not be simpler. Login to the CMS, upload your media files, create and manage your playlist schedules, then publish to your screen over the internet from anywhere. No special software installation or dedicated PC is required. Design your own templates and layouts with different media zones for your branding, images and videos. Other Network features include being able to insert webpages, scrolling text messages and custom backgrounds into your designs. You can synchronise your content across multiple screens provided they are connected to the same network. This is ideal for menus above the counter to display a high impact promotional image or video. The CMS also allows you to monitor the screen activity remotely, check when they are on or off and what content they are playing.

Works anywhere

The screens have both wired and Wi-Fi network connections as standard. If your premises do not have an internet connection you can still use the CMS by exporting your content to a USB stick and uploading it to the screens that way.

Screen SizeBrightness OptionsDisplay Area (approx. mm)
32”450 nits703 x 398
43”450 or 700 nits946 x 534
50”450 nits1074 x 604
55”450 or 700 nits1210 x 680

First year on-line Content Management Subscription and 3 year hardware warranty included.
Mounting solutions from £15 per screen. Flat, tilt and ceiling options available on request.
Installation costs subject to number of screens, location and site survey.

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