A complete Digital Poster Solution for advertising, timetables, notifications and more.

Free-standing Digital Advertising Display Totem

Simple to use and are purpose built for 24/7 use in commercial environments. These totem Digital Posters are a complete advertising solution – just connect the power and load your Full HD resolution images and videos for a fast and easy advertising solution.

These ePoster displays are ideal for those looking for simple and effective Digital Signage with the minimum of fuss. They provide the quickest and easiest way to get your message across to your clients and customers.

Ideally suited for static or moving advertising material, timetables, menus or any type of Public Information display. Easy to relocate on wheels, they can provide pop-up information points for hotels, conferences, exhibitions, sporting venues etc.

White Indoor Totem

Available in a Black or White finish


  • Available in 50″ & 55″ Screen sizes
  • Double-sided options available
  • Protective glass front
  • Black or White finish
  • USB plug’n’play content playback
  • Freestanding on castors for easy positioning
  • Designed for 24/7 operation in public spaces
  • Slim profile and sleek design
  • Schedule content and power times for efficient operation

A Simple, Classic Design

The tempered glass front, rounded corners, super slim profile and aluminium frame all add to the eye-catching tablet like aesthetic of these sleek digital poster totems. The smart looking and familiar design blends seamlessly into any environment. These high-definition displays are simple to operate and are purpose built for commercial use in public spaces. Simply load your media onto a USB stick, insert it into the screens upload port, remove when prompted and it is ready to go. It really is a simple plug and play digital poster solution.

Designed to run 24/7

The totem displays are fitted with commercial grade LCD panels providing them with wide viewing angles, exceptional colour, contrast and brightness, and crucially the ability to operate 24 hours a day. With an eco-friendly power timer and low consumption LED backlight you can be assured of their green credentials and overall low operating costs.

Easy content managment

Also included with each totem is a simple and intuitive piece of software which allows you to Schedule different content to play at different times of the day. You can also add scrolling text to compliment your content and really get your message across.

These Slim Digital Advertising Display totems also feature HDMI and VGA inputs, allowing you to connect external video sources such as a PC or external media player if required.

Optional Remote Network Control

Designed and built as a standalone product for simple local updates these Digital Advertising Displays can also be upgraded to accept network updates. Upload and manage content remotely via LAN, Wi-Fi or even 3G.

Take your signage where it is needed

With built-in wheels these digital advertising totems are easily manoeuvred from location to location making them ideal for temporary signage or exhibition usage. We can also provide a custom flight case for protection during transportation if you are looking to take these on the road regularly.

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Indoor Totem Display

Plug and Play

The Android Freestanding Digital Posters come with a built in HD media player, allowing you to update them using a USB memory stick. Load your pictures and videos onto a USB memory stick then insert it into the display, which will copy the files into its internal flash memory. Once you remove the memory stick the screen will then start playing the pictures and videos in a continuous loop.

Free Scheduling Software

For more advance use the Android Freestanding Digital Posters come with a piece of free Scheduling Software for displaying different content at different times of the day as well as setting image display duration and transition effects. For example, a restaurant can create three daily schedules; the breakfast menu in the morning, lunch menu in the afternoon and the dinner menu in the evening.

Power Timer

The eco-friendly power timer allows you to assign daily or weekly on and off times for your screen. The ability to power on and off automatically means that the screen is only in use when it needs to be reducing your power bills. Scheduled on and off times are a key features of professional displays and often overlooked when people consider using domestic TV’s for their digital signage.

Optional Network Upgrade

If you want to manage your display remotely you can upgrade to the Networked option which allows you to update your screen over the internet via LAN or WiFi. The on-line CMS gives you much more control over the layout and appearance, as well as allowing you to embed web pages, social media feeds, weather and other real-time data on screen.The Content Management System is subscription based with an annual fee. The first year is included with the Network upgrade but you can also opt to purchase multi-year bundles at a discount.

Designed for Public Spaces

The Android Freestanding Digital Posters are fitted with a commercial grade LCD panel with an LED backlight. They have the ability to be in constant use 24/7 for over 70,000 hours. They have no buttons, controls, logos or branding on show and are much brighter than LCD panels found in home TVs or computer monitors. Their tempered glass face, rounded corners, steel enclosure with super slim profile and aluminium surround all add to their captivating tablet-like aesthetics and also protect the internal components from potential damage.

IPS Panel

As well as having a brightness of 450cd/m², much brighter than a domestic TV, the commercial IPS panels accurately display an image’s quality and colour depth at a 178° ultra wide viewing angle. There is no fall-off in colour accuracy and no diversion in contrast ratio at wide angles. From bright sunlight to the most challenging lighting environments these displays are designed to reproduce and maintain the ultimate colour temperature for lifelike images. The panel is also optimised for portrait orientation.

Scrolling Text

If you want you can also display a “ticker tape” style scrolling text message along the bottom of the screen, to help you get your message across or help highlight any specific promotions or offers. This is also great when used as a dynamic ticker feed displaying a welcome message.

Internal Locker

Should you need to run the screen from an external source, like a PC or media player, you can do so by using the HDMI input or the VGA and 5mm audio jack inputs. There is also a space to fit a small PC or media player inside the lockable compartment.

Integrated Castors

Our Freestanding Digital Posters are a fully portable solution and come with discreet integrated castors, which are also retractable. Easily manoeuvre the display into position then if you prefer you can retract the wheels and use the feet to make sure it stays put.