A new range of high resolution, high bright and seamless LED Video Walls designed to replace traditional large scale projector or LCD video wall installations.
LED provides stunning image quality creating maximum impact for digital advertising and digital cinema projects.

Fanless low power P1.8 & P2.5 LED Video Walls for superior image reproduction

LED video walls provide a brighter image, with better colour reproduction, increased contrast and higher refresh rates for smooth image playback, that will beat most traditional LCD video wall solutions in overall image quality – and all at a similar cost*

Utilising state-of-the-art P1.8 & P2.5 SMD technology with advanced video processing, these large scale displays really bring your content to life. Delivering crystal clear images and lifelike colours without distortion. Rapid refresh rates ensure seamless content playback. Build up to any size or layout to create truly unique display solutions.

Our LED displays feature an exceptionally small LED diode package. This allows us to increase the space between them, that in turn helps us to achieve an ultra-high 6,500:1 contrast ratio. This ensures vibrant colours and true blacks across the display without sacrificing brightness, creating a truly immersive viewing experience.

Fanless low power P1.8 & P2.5 LED Video Wall cabinet

Modular design for easy installation

Due to their super low power design and reduced heat emission the DV-LED panels do not require active cooling fans. Passively cooled, not only does this allow them to run in silence, it makes them very reliable as there are no moving parts.

The lightweight design, magnetic modules, positioning pins and simple cabinet structure, our displays are quick and easy to install. After installation, they can be serviced from the front quickly and easily by simply removing individual DVLED modules.

Fanless low power P1.8 & P2.5 LED Video Wall modules

Our DV-LED solutions undergo multiple quality control tests during production to ensure their long-lasting reliability. Combined with accurate calibration to guarantee consistent image quality across the entire display. from panel to panel.

Please note:
Suggested viewing distances for these walls is 1000x the pitch. A 1.8mm pitch LED wall when viewed from a distance of just 1.8m will appear as a seamless image where the individual LED pixels are not distinguishable.

*A 3×3 55″ Ultra Slim bezel LCD Video Wall with installation

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