A new range of high resolution, high bright and seamless LED Video Walls designed to replace traditional projector or LCD video wall installations.
LED provides stunning image quality creating maximum impact for digital advertising and digital cinema projects.

In most circumstances LED will provide a brighter image, with better colour reproduction, increased contrast and a higher refresh rate than an LCD screen solution.

Full details on our exciting new range to come!

You can of course create video walls at any size to create truly unique displays.

Please note:
Suggested viewing distances for these walls is 1000x the pitch. So the 3m wide wall at 1.5mm pitch can be viewed from a 1.5m distance at which point the individual pixels are not visible. Taking the largest example above you would need to stand at least 4m away from the 7.5m wide wall to get the best image quality from it. You can of course mix resolutions or create a UHD resolution 6m wall using 1.5mm pitch for high definition content.

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