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Sleek & Versatile interaction

Multifunctional Interactive Pedestal, a perfect combination of technology, compactness and simplicity. Particularly suitable for multimedia applications where it is necessary to value communication, be it commercial, entertainment or educational. Tactive infokiosk is available 22″ and 32″ LCD touch screen, standard double-tap, and a rich set of useful accessories and options to meet all needs in the field of indoor digital signage. Designed to be “always on”, it offers excellent performance in terms of ergonomics and readability with particular care to aesthetics, functionality and usability above all. It’s elegance can also be seen in the details of the vertical column made in extremely compact and stable metal base that ensures accessibility for the disabled. The rear compartment can be inspected and allows for immediate access to the internal devices in order to perform simple and fast maintenance operations. The base for its small size allows to place the Kiosk close to a wall and does not require anchoring it to the floor to ensure stability. Infokiosk is particularly suitable for replacing traditional static lecterns and gives increased vitality and momentum, since you can easily consult digital brochures, catalogues, video and interactive multimedia content in full compliance with the “Visual Emotions.”

Main Features

  • Available in 2 sizes
    The Tactive Infokiosk is available in both 22″ and 32″ with an integrated touch screen with dual touch and equipped with several optionals and accessories being able to satisfy the most difficult client requests for indoor digital signage.
  • Multi-use
    The Infokiosk is particularly suited as a substitute for traditional reading stands and to give your message more vitality and impulse thanks to the simplicity in looking through a digital brochure, viewing videos or catalogues all from the same place.
  • High reliability for 24/7 use
    Designed to function 24/7, the optimum performance in terms of ergonomics, readability and the special attention to aesthetics allow this info kiosk to be fully functional, reliable and stylish.
  • Exclusive design
    Elegance that can be seen in the details. The structure is made in metal with compact dimensions to keep a sleek and elegant line. The base makes the kiosk extremely stable and is also available in a format for the access of disabled users.
  • Robust with minimum encumbrance
    The base of the totem is extremely sturdy, yet not bulky and allows you to place the kiosk wherever you want or even against a wall without having to fix the totem tot he ground.
  • Energy saving
    The totem utilizes a new generation LCD Display with low consumption and is retro-illuminated with LED edge technology. It has an industrial PC with low power and high frequency usage that allows for minimum impact on the environment and also helps companies in energy saving.

Display Size


Structure and Materials

  • Main structure in anti-corrosive steel and aluminium
  • Anti-glare safety 4mm tempered glass
  • Safety Lock and invisible screws and hinges
  • Easy maintenance
  • Vandal proof grade structure (IK04)


Colours and Finishes



LVD 2006/95/ECEXM55_Certif
EMC 2004/108/EC
IP Code IEC 60529
IK Rating IEC 62262
Safety of IEC 60950-1
Sine Vibration Test IEC 60068-2-6
Safety Requirements of AV and Similar IEC 60065

TIK20 22-inch Interactive Kiosk Specifications (click to expand)

TIK20 32-inch Interactive Kiosk Specifications (click to expand)