Digital Menu Boards – A Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Printed Material

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Digital Menu Boards have seen a rapid rise in popularity in the last few years. Increasingly businesses are seeing the benefits of using a digital network to update their product offerings to their customers almost instantly. Long gone are the lengthy and expensive days of producing printed promotional material and shipping it out to all your outlets. Now with fast internet connections and real-time updates businesses can react quickly to changes in customers, time, weather etc. to deliver a focused message targeted specifically at their current audience. With the current generation of high performance digital signage LCD displays and sunlight readable LCD displays your content will look better than ever. Changes can be made simply using an app – you no longer need to be an IT professional to access a multitude of powerful features.

With the use of digital menu boards and digital signage you can prepare multiple versions of content for different scenarios and deploy them in an instant. For example, you have a shop front digital signage display promoting your range of delicious ice-creams. A sudden change in the weather brings a heavy downpour of rain. At the touch of a button you can swap your window display to promote a warming cup of coffee and a slice of cake – specifically targeted to entice people off of the street and out of the rain.

Using digital menu boards also enables you bring to bring multimedia content to your menus. Moving images and video, even sound, helps draw your customers’ attention to new products and special promotions. A simple rolling presentation can engage the audience for longer than a static poster. Having the ability to change from a morning to lunchtime, to an evening menu without staff having to physically replace boards or light-box panels is a great time saver. The menus can even be set to change automatically at scheduled times of day.

Digital Menu Boards have proven cost savings over traditional printed menu boards. They provide a bright eye-catching display with the added benefit of movement and video. Make changes to individual displays, local stores or even an entire chain nationwide. There is no end to the flexibility of a good digital menu board or digital signage system.

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