ePosters – The future for local advertising?

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PF19HD2 (11)Increasingly small businesses and local shops are looking to compete for custom with national and even global competition. Many businesses are looking to modern technological trends to increase brand awareness and increase turnover. The use of Facebook and Twitter to promote a business is common place these days but there is still a gap in the market for attracting new and passing customers who may not be already aware of the products or services available.

It is well proven that digital advertising displays are more eye-catching and hold a viewers attention for longer than traditional printed signs. Businesses now have access to affordable digital signage solutions that allow them to present their latest news and offers to the public quickly and easily. You no longer need to spend thousands of pounds or employ support staff in order to make use of engaging digital content. The latest developments in self-contained screens and media players allow for simple operation combined with commercial grade 24/7 performance. Hassle-free Digital Signage has come of age.

Digital screens are now common place at checkouts, cashpoints, promotional stands and transport terminals. A simple small screen display offering promotions in-store can help boost sales for small business. By adding video and animation to the content they become even more engaging. Estate Agent windows are a prime example where by adding a video tour of the houses for sale can really help engage with potential customers and attract those passing.

With the wealth of digital content available these days any business can quickly produce fresh content to promote their business. Give us a call to discuss how a digital advertising display could help your business.