Digital Signage for visitor information

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When it comes to presenting information to a large but focus group of visitors – such as conference attendee’s, commuters, hotel visitors etc. – the options have been limited to whiteboards, pinboards or a member of staff. Today we are able to convey information quickly and easily using digital signage screens. Products such as free-standing digital ePoster’s are an excellent solution for displaying timetable, conference schedules, daily specials or menu’s etc. The free-standing ePosters can be wheeled into position and left to run their presentation. The ease with which they can be updated and relocated makes them ideal for hotels, sporting venues, conference centres and exhibitions. They also allow for remote updates so if you have multiple screens across your premises you can easily notify everyone on-site about important changes to schedules or events.

Although often thought of as a means for external advertising, digital signage is being utilised more and more by companies to relay information to their employees. In the same way that digital signage catches passers-by attention more easily than printed material it also works to relay information more effectively to staff.

Replacing memo boards with digital screens engages staff more directly than static photocopies of internal notices. It can even be used to successfully replace internal bulk emails which often go ignored and unread. By targeting the displayed information to the relevant group of staff, either by location or by schedule (shift-change or night staff etc.) your employees are more likely to engage with the information.

Whether it is sales forecasts, production status, upcoming events or even alarm events such as fire drills, digital signage provides an effective and easily managed outlet for staff communication. The other benefit of a digital system is that it can operate locally, nationally or even globally across offices. Installing a digital notice board in the staffroom of all your branches provides a quick and convenient way to disseminate information to all employees effectively.

ePosters are complete digital signage solutions in a single unit. Simply plug-in, switch on and your media begins to play on screen. ePosters are designed to be used in public spaces so they are built with toughened protective glass screens allowing them to withstand impacts and also making them easy to clean. The media player is built into the screen and updated via a secured panel at the rear. Simply upload your content via USB stick and the display is ready to go. ePosters can be easily mounted onto walls but for mobile displays they can be coupled with a desktop or floor stand. Screen sizes typically start around 19″ and go up to full size large format displays. For reference a 22″ ePoster is slightly taller and narrower than a standard A3 printed poster and a 32″ ePoster the same for an A2 sheet.