KnoXbox enclosures – Protecting your investment

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knoxbox - protecting your investmentWhen it comes to exterior digital signage monitors many people look at the specification of the screen but this is just one element that makes a complete signage solution. When you install a high brightness public display screen to advertise your products or services outdoors you want to protect your investment whilst ensuring it looks as good as possible. To this end the knoXbox enclosures where created to offer security, a stable operating environment and good looks.

The knoXbox range of enclosures are much more than a metal box to hang your public display screen inside. They couple advanced sensors with high quality materials and stylish design. Designed and built in Germany you would expect nothing less.

The knoXbox enclosures are designed to withstand all types of weather. Rated to IP65 to protect against heavy rain, storms, dirt and dust they are suitable for use in all environments and all weather conditions. The internal electronics monitor the temperature and humidity inside the enclosure. Working with the heating and cooling systems to ensure the internal operational temperature remains at the optimal level. For extreme high temperature installations an optional full Air-conditioning system can be installed to keep the things running cool. In the event that conditions become to extreme for the HVAC (Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning) system to cope with the controller can switch the installed equipment on or off ensuring it remains functional when normal operating conditions resume. If you turn on a large monitor in a cold climate as it warms up you risk condensation forming internally which can cause electrical shorts and failure. Equally running it in high heat stresses the components and causes them to fail prematurely. The thermal management system in the knoXbox allows for operation in ambient temperatures ranging from -35 to +42C without the use of energy-intensive air conditioning units. For regions where the temperature range exceeds beyond that range additional cooling and heating systems are available to ensure continued operation.

The key component to any digital signage enclosure is the one most often overlooked, or rather looked through. The window onto the screen does more than protect the monitors’ surface from prodding fingers. The glass used features a UV filter to reduce the build-up of heat internally and protect the screen from sun exposure. It is also rated to IK10 for impact resistance providing protection from vandalism and accidental damage. The window can be also be made touch capable to allow for interactive content.

The enclosure itself is typically made from powder coated aluminium although the knoXbox design is unique in that it allows for the exterior surface to be customised with different materials. Looking for a specific marble finish to match your corporate building? The knoXbox can do this. Customisation of the appearance is a large part of what makes the knoXbox standout from its competitors. The standard design provides a sleek looking exterior with no visible screw heads.

The knoXbox enclosures are designed to be modular in nature. The basic screen enclosure can be utilised in a variety of ways depending on the application. In its basic form it can be used as a Wall mounted enclosure however this can be made into a floor standing totem or plinth (angled or table-top), flush mounting for installing into walls or façades. This flexibility ensures a uniform appearance to your digital signage across all installations and form factors. This clever modular design also helps reduce manufacturing costs making these stylish yet practical enclosures very affordable when compared to competing products.

Pixelution are the exclusive UK distributor for knoXbox and can supply these enclosures on their own or as complete solutions to end users or trade accounts.
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