Outdoor Digital Signage

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Exterior Digital Signage TotemOutdoor signage has traditionally meant static posters but now with the use of high brightness LCD public display monitors, bringing high impact moving images to outdoor areas is easily achievable.

Digital signage has many benefits over traditional printed material. Adding movement is the most obvious difference. Moving images attract passers attention more than static images. Digital signage can also be changed and updated instantly reducing the long-term costs of printing new material. Despite the initial higher cost of installation the ROI (Return On Investment) is much better with a digital system.

Our range of high brightness LCD screens are the perfect choice for use in outdoor environments. In order for screens to be visible in direct sunlight they need to produce a very bright image. The DynaScan range of LCD monitors are rated between 1,500 and 5,000 nits of brightness. Typical large format LCD monitors are rated at anything from 350 to 700 nits. If you install a standard screen in direct sunlight the image will at best look washed out and dull, at worst will just not be visible. Using a special high brightness display enables the images to remain punchy and vivid in all lighting conditions.

In order to use public display screens outdoors they need to be protected from the elements. In order to function in all weather conditions the screens need to be installed into special enclosures. These enclosures provide protection from rain, snow and vandalism, whilst still venting the heat produced by the monitor to the outside. They monitor the temperature to ensure the expensive equipment installed inside remains at an operational temperature – never too hot, never too cold.

Enclosures can be mounted onto walls, built into structures or free standing. Our premium range of enclosures can even be tailored to your corporate identity by matching colours or even materials. Single or double sided enclosures are available and you can even add a touch screen interface to enable interactive content. You can even install intercom systems for live customer support.

Content can be updated instantly and remotely from any location. Use your signage to display targeted or emergency messages when required.

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