Digital Menu Systems

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Digital Menu BoardsDigital menu systems provide a flexible solution for today’s modern catering establishments. Traditional menu boards have consisted of printed panels or hand written boards. Although these solutions are functional they are limited in their ability to adapt to a change in the menu. If for example you need to change all your pricing you either have to get the whole menu re-printed or edit the existing panels with stickers or paint. Even systems designed to be changed with slot-in cards eventually become worn and tatty. Chalkboards provide an easily editable format but unless you have staff on-site with adequate sign writing skills changes can look messy.

By utilising the latest high brightness LCD monitors you can install great looking and eye catching digital signage as a replacement for tired old menu boards. Not only do you get great looking images but you can of course add movement and video to your menus to make them really standout and catch customer’s attention. Choose either an all digital menu or simply an additional digital display to promote special offers and compliment your existing traditional menu boards.

Using a digital menu system allows for seamless, real-time changes to your menu allowing you to react to changes and capitalise on sales opportunities. For example you could have different menus that highlight different products based on the weather outside. On a hot sunny day run the summer menu. If the temperature drops and it starts to rain then swap to a winter warmer menu. What if you find yourself with an excess of a perishable product that needs to be sold today? Simply run a promotion on that specific product. Sold out of something? Update the price with “Sold out” and run a promotion on an alternative product.

As all the hardware for the digital menu system is designed to work 24/7 why not use the screens to run adverts or messages out-of-hours? If your displays are visible when your premises are closed then use them to run large adverts that are still visible to attract customers back when you open.

Our digital menu system can be simply updated via a secure Wi-Fi network using an iOS device or a wired network using a Windows PC. You can easily configure which elements can be changed or which promotions can be run. You can even integrate live data or video feeds from Twitter, RSS or TV broadcasts.

Digital Menu systems offer many benefits over traditional menu boards:

    • Centralised control over multiple menus content – either on one site or over multiple locations.
    • Lower the cost of making changes to your menu providing more price flexibility
    • Increase sales of promotional and high margin items
    • Better compliance with menu labelling laws e.g. calorie counts

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