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Vestel TCH Series IR Touch Overlay Kit – add interaction to your screen

43″ – £430
49″ – £490
55″ – £550
65″ – £650

Price excludes VAT. Subject to change. Contact us for a formal quote.

IR Touch Tempered Glass Overlay for Vestel screens.  Add a 10-point touch sensor to your screen for interactive presentations. Connects and is powered via USB. Multiple OS support. Helps protect your screen when used in a public space.

  • Infrared sensor
  • 10 point touch
  • Landscape or Portrait Orientation
  • Works with any touch – finger, glove or stylus
  • No calibration required
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43″ 49″
Type of Touch Technology Infrared (IR) Technology
Supported Point 10 Points
Sensitivity Any touch with finger, gloved hand or pointer
Connectivity HID, TUIO, Flash
Supported OS and Applications Windows®7, Windows®8, Windows®10, Vista, XP, Mac® OS, Linux, Android
Orientation Portrait and landscape support
Calibration No need
Accuracy %90 <
Reporting Rate Up to 450 fps
Glass Type Anti Glared (AG), Tempered
Frame Rate up to 450 fps
Communication USB 2.0
Power Supply Mode USB
Supply Voltage DC 5V +/- 5%
Average Current <400 mA
Response Time <10 ms
Touch Accuracy +/-2 mm (over 90% area)
Object Sizes for Touch 5 mm
Touch Durability Unlimited
1010 mm (L) x 598 mm (H) x 37 mm (D) 1238 mm (L) x 712 mm (H) x 104 mm (D) 1280mm (L) x 751mm (H) x 38mm (D) 1507mm (L) x 882mm (H) x 42mm (D)
Shipping Dimensions
1195 mm (L) x 718 mm (H) x 178 mm (D) 1369 mm (L) x 874 mm (H) x 165 mm (D) 1369mm (L) x 875mm (H) x 165mm (D) 1620mm (L) x 1006mm (H) x 165mm (D)
Bezel Width 34 mm 34 mm 34 mm 38 mm