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IDX Battery, V-Mount & Charger for TVLogic LVM-074 and SRM-074

IDX Battery, V-Mount and Charger pack for use with TVLogic LVM-074 and SRM-074 broadcast video field monitors. Run your monitor without the need for mains power.


Provides approx. 7 hours run-time
68Wh Li-Ion battery
4.5 hour full charge time

IDX E-7S Endura Lithium-Ion V-Mount Battery

68Wh Li-ion V-Mount Battery

The compact and lightweight ENDURA-7S has a capacity of 68Wh and features an integrated 3 step LED Power Indicator to display the battery capacity status. Economical and distinctive in design, the E-7S is built to the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability proven in all ENDURA batteries. The Power Indicator is for quick reference of the charge status on the E-7S. A simple 3 LED indicator shows if the battery is full or requires charging.

Product Data

Capacity: 68Wh(14.8V/4.6Ah)
Typical camera run-time: 2.25 hours (@30W)
Dimensions: 3.35(W)x5.59(H)x1.32(D) inches
Weight: 1.15 lbs approx.

The E-7S provides 14.8V, 4.6Ah and 68Wh of Lithium Ion power with V-Mount connection as standard and featuring an integrated 3-step LED Power Indicator to display the battery capacity status. Lightweight, compact and distinctive in design, the E-7S is built to the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability and can be seen powering professional cameras all over the world.

E-7S Product Features:

  • 3 Power Indicator LEDs are located on the side of the E-7S for a quick and easy check to see if the battery is empty, full or requires charge. This can be checked during filming or at any time.
  • Battery circuit protection ensures the E-7S is fully protected against common causes of battery misuse, guarding against over charge, over discharge, over current and exposure to high temperatures.
  • The highest grade Lithium Ion cells are used to ensure the E-7S is one of the most reliable batteries available as well as safest.
  • Most environmentally friendly battery series in its classification.
  • Weighing only 1.15 lbs., the E-7S is compact and durable, ideal for regular use and transportation to and from location.
  • Attaching E-7S batteries to cameras without a standard V-Mount connection is possible through the use of P-V2 and P-VS2 adaptor plates, available separately from IDX.
  • The E-7S can be fully recharged quickly and safely using a sequential or simultaneous ENDURA charger.

Lithium Ion Transportation

Travel regulations for Lithium Ion batteries are streamlined when you use IDX. Our products are compliant for DOT and IATA rules covering carry-on and check-in
baggage, as well as air cargo and ground transportation. More information can be found here.

Technical Specification

Battery Capacity: 14.8V, 4.6Ah, 68Wh
Max. Output Voltage: 16.8V DC
Nominal Voltage: 14.8V DC
Maximum Discharge Current: 51W
End Voltage 11V
Battery Protection: Over charge (reset)Over discharge (reset)
Over current (reset)
Temperature protection (non reset)
Ambient Temperature: To charge: 32°F ~ 113°F (50°F ~ 86°F recommended)To discharge: -4°F ~ 122°F (50°F ~ 104°F recommended)
To store: -4°F ~ 140°F (32°F ~ 68°F recommended)
Dimensions: 3.35(W) x 5.59(H) x 1.32(D) inches
Weight: 1.15 lbs. approx.


IDX VL-PVC1 Battery Charge Plate

1-Channel V-Plate Portable Charger

Now you can ‘charge on the run’ with the VL-PVC1 the latest addition to our ENDURA charger product line-up. When it has to be portable and compact for crew work or when keeping travel gear light, the VL-PVC1 delivers the small profile of our V-Plate combined with “robust” charging that works on all our ENDURA series 12V Lithium Ion batteries.

Product Data

AC Adaptor input voltage: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
AC Adaptor output voltage/current: DC 12V/3A
Dimensions (V-Plate charger: 3.3(W)x1.1(H)x5.6(D) inches
Weight: 0.79 lbs approx
Charge plate input voltage: DC 12V +/- 5%

Compatible batteries: All IDX ENDURA System Li-ion batteries

The best way to extend the operational life of ENDURA batteries is to use an ENDURA charger, which treats every individual battery with the fastest and safest electronic charge available. For the pro on the go, the single channel charger VL-PVC1 offers effortless convenience, reliability & an ultra-slim profile at an economical price. The VL-PVC1 can be used just about anywhere space is critical — from travel bags to location shoots.

VL-PVC1 Product Features:

  • Single channel portable battery charger designed exclusively for use with IDX ENDURA System series Lithium Ion batteries.
  • Small size similar to P-V2 Series plates, it’s ideal for travel, simplified charging on location.
  • VL-PVC1 compatible batteries: All ENDURA V-Mount Lithium Ion batteries.
  • An LED Display is positioned on the side of the charger for quick visual confirmation of charging mode. Solid red indicates active charging; when the LED Display is off, charging is completed (approximately 90% full charge).
  • Lightweight, rugged construction like the P-V2 Series V-Plates and weighs under 1 lbs.
  • Universal AC input voltage for worldwide operation.


Technical Specification

AC Adaptor Input Voltage: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
AC Adaptor Output Voltage/Current: DC 12V/3A
Charge Plate Input Voltage: DC 12V +/- 5%
Power Consumption: 23W maximum
Charge Method: Constant Current/Constant Voltage
Charge Voltage/Current: DC 16.5V/1A (Lithium Ion Only)
DC Output Connector: DC Jack (2.1mm)
Operating Temperature: 32° F ~ 104° F
Dimensions: V-Plate Charger: 3.3(W) x 1.1(H) x 5.6(D) inches
AC Adaptor: 1.8(W) x 1.5(H) x 2.9(D) inches
DC Cable: 59.7 (L) inches
Weight: 0.79 lbs. approx.

Charging Times

DUO-150 600 minutes /  10 hours
ENDURA ELITE 520 minutes / 8.7 hours
DUO-95 360 minutes / 6 hours
E-HL9 and E-HL9S 340 minutes / 5.7 hours
E-7S 270 minutes / 4.5 hours

The charge times listed above are maximum times based on the assumption that an empty, fully discharged battery is placed on charge. The actual time may vary with battery age and frequency of use. Fully charged capacity is approximately 90%. The LED display for charge mode will not activate if a battery that is almost fully charged is mounted onto the VL-PVC1.