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Stereoscopic 3D Projection Passive Non-Depolarising Silver Screens

Please note this product has been discontinued.

SilverFabric™ Silver 3D passive projection screens are sold in standard screen formats and sizes, with non-standard and customized formats built to order. Suitable for all passive 3D, active 3D and high brightness 2D projection systems.


Compatible with all framing systems.
Rollable and washable
Peak polarization ratio 80:1 (perfect for 3D!)
Peak gain 2.4
Half gain angle 17º
Viewing angle 34º
Weight 150gr/sqm

All screens are Built To Order so please contact us for a quote.


Please note: As of June 2015 our supplier for these screens has ceased production. We are looking at alternative suppliers but currently are unable to offer this type of screen. 


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SilverFabric™ Silver 3D is a brand new non-depolarizing 3D screen for professional 3D front projection.

This 3D screen surface is made for professional passive 3D, active 3D and high brightness 2D displays. The material is rollable, robust and washable.

The superior polarization preserving properties and the well designed gain balance make it possible to run 3D projection at the highest image quality.

SilverFabric™ Silver 3D – or “SF-Silver 3D” – is used in the science, education, production and  entertainment sectors. SF-Silver 3D is the only 3D screen material that has a robust material base and outstanding optical characteristics. It is the perfect choice for professional  3D projection.

Screens are available in three different varieties:

1. The screen material only (no edging, no holes etc.)

2. Ready made screen with border, eyelets and straps.

3. A complete screen system including floor standing frame.


Standard screen sizes start from 2.1m x 1.6m (4:3) up to a 4.19m x 2.4m (16:9) – actual viewable area will be less due to the border material.

Screens are produced from a standard roll of material which is 2.4m wide. The material is rollable and washable but should not be folded. Screens up to 2.4m high are produced in one piece. Screens larger than 2.4m high are produced by glueing sections together. The seams are not visible during projection.

Delivery times on screens made from a single piece are around 1 week. There is a one month lead time for screens made from multiple sections.

For ready made screens with a border please allow an extra 100mm all around (border is 50mm wide). Eyelets are spaced approx. 200mm apart.

For complete screen systems the frame will approx. 200mm to the overall screen size.

For more information, to discuss your specific needs or to raise a quotation please contact us directly.