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Goo Systems Ultra Silver 3D Projection Screen Paint

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Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3D is a specially formatted, highly reflective acrylic paint, designed specifically for creating non-depolarising passive 3D projection surfaces. Transform any smooth paintable surface into a high performance 3D projection screen.


• Exceptional colour fidelity
• Excellent gain with minimal hot spotting
• Industry-leading horizontal and vertical off-axis characteristics
• Exceptional affordability

Sold in pairs of matching Reflective Base Coat and Finish Top Coat.

Individual paints available on request. Contact us for pricing.

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Goo systems Ultra Silver 3D is high gain product. It is a highly reflective, non-depolarizing projection surface offering unmatched performance in polarity-based 3D projection systems. Luminance (gain factor) at direct angle is approximately 3 – 3.5 in comparison to regular wall paint. As with all high gain products, the viewing angle is limited, but at 45 degrees it is wider than with other 3D screens. Colour accuracy of all silver screens is slightly lower than with our regular products, as these are perfectly true-to-colour. Typical usage for Ultra Silver 3D is not primarily for home-cinema, but also for commercial presentation, for example in advertising, in airports, trade shows, and of course for technical applications that require passive stereo 3D projection.

Please note that to create an Ultra Silver/3D Goo Screen you will need to apply (Spray Only) a Max Contrast Base coat and an Ultra Silver 3D Topcoat.

Screen Goo is a specially formatted, highly reflective acrylic paint, designed specifically for the video projection industry. Screen Goo acrylic paint allows one to transform any smooth paintable surface into a high performance projection screen.

Screen Goo’s performance reflects many years of research and development, and the precision production techniques of Tri-Art Manufacturing. It has the capacity to outperform most of the existing screen products in use today. Screen Goo is made from the highest grade acrylic available and contains no filler materials. Whether used in a professional, or home situation its simple application, versatility, quality and variable gain characteristics are remarkable.

Why use Screen Goo instead of typical wall paint?

Wall paint is designed and engineered principally to cover an underlying surface and to provide colour in a room. These are relatively straightforward objectives and they are accomplished by paint manufacturers through the use of an inexpensive dispersion medium (typically, water-based acrylic or an oil-based medium) to which a pigment or pigments are added to provide colour. Usually, relatively small amounts of pigment are used and then supplemented with extenders whose main purpose is to reduce the amount of expensive pigment required to produce the desired colour. This can be done because the quantity of light reflected by wall paint is relatively unimportant.

By contrast, Screen Goo has been specifically engineered to accurately reflect and disperse the complex coloured light patterns produced by video projectors. To that end, Screen Goo starts by employing a premium acrylic dispersion with very low light absorption characteristics and excellent durability. To minimize light loss and to ensure colour fidelity, Screen Goo uses much greater concentrations of pigment than those found in house paint. These pigments are carefully chosen to accurately reflect the full spectrum of colour produced by video projectors as opposed to house paints where the goal is to reflect that portion of the light which produces the single desired colour. In addition, Goo Systems employs proprietary dispersion and pigment treatment techniques to maximize the reflective properties of the pigments employed. These techniques require custom built machinery and are very time and labour intensive.

One of the key properties of high quality projected video is contrast. Contrast is defined as the difference between the brightest and darkest portions of an image. The latest generations of digital projectors have very little difficulty in producing high levels of brightness. However, the darker areas of an image, specifically black areas, are a different matter entirely. Black is defined as the absence of light. Any light in a room, even light produced by the projector and reflected from the room’s wall and ceilings, will compromise the accurate reproduction of black. By using a neutral grey reflective surface, or screen, the levels of incidental or unwanted light can be significantly reduced without affecting colour accuracy and overly compromising image brightness. Less unwanted reflected light means better black levels, which in turn means enhanced contrast. Unless the viewing room is completely light controlled, including dark, non-reflective walls and ceiling, a grey screen will always provide better black levels and higher contrast than a white screen.

Lastly, unlike wall paint which involves the application of a single product, a Screen Goo application consists of two different products. Screen Goo basecoats provide an ideal reflective surface to which a diffusive, colour correct topcoat is added. It is the combination of the reflective basecoat and the diffusive topcoat which gives a Screen Goo screen its remarkable qualities of high reflectivity, colour accuracy, wide viewing angles and excellent contrast. The icing on the cake is the very special sense of image depth, or feeling of looking into the picture that only a Screen Goo screen provides.

Available Paints:

Pairs of matching Reflective Coat and Finish Coat are available in sizes of 2 x 500mL, 2 x 1L, 2 x 2.0L, 2 x 3.78L and in contractor size 2 x 16L.



Typical Coverage

Quantity Rolled Sprayed
Sq. Ft. Sq. M. Sq. Ft. Sq. M.
500ml 25 2.33 20 1.86
1000ml 50 4.65 40 3.72
2000ml 100 9.3 80 7.44
3780ml 189 17.56 151.2 14.05
16L 800 74.33 640 59.46


Coverage figures are only a guide. Actual coverage will vary depending on the type of application and equipment/skill of operator.

We offer an installation service where we will Spray paint the screen for you. Please contact us for details.

We can also supply edging tape, border paint and other accessories to make your installation run smoothly.