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NEC X474HB 47" High Brightness LCD Public Display Monitor

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The NEC X474HB 24/7 high bright LCD monitor has 2,000cd/m² brightness and is designed to be installed in shop windows or outdoor cabinets.


Size 47inch
Contrast 1300:1
Power Consumption [W] 190
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Panel Technology S-IPS
Brightness [cd/m²] 2,000
Resolution 1920 x 1080



The NEC MultiSync® X474HB delivers what is needed in high brightness environments. It is designed to be installed in shop windows or in cabinets for outdoor applications offering a brightness of 2000cd/m². New Connectivity and Sensors allow additional creativity in the content displayed and how it is controlled. The unique built-in NFC sensor in combination with NEC’s new Android app reduces installation and maintenance times which is especially useful on larger installations. The Human Sensor is aware of proximity based viewer presence and can change brightness, volume, inputs or power the display up or down resulting in added engagement and considerable energy savings over time.

This display is ideal for any heavy duty digital signage application that requires extremely high brightness levels and sunlight proof operation.


  • Programmable Ambient Light Sensor – for reduced power consumption and eye pleasing brightness levels.
  • Future Ready with OPS Cable Free Expansion – upgrade the power of your display at any time without the need for external cables or devices.
  • Convenient installation and set up with NFC – the built-in near communication field chip allows to pre-configure the display by using an NFC capable device loaded with the NEC Android App.
  • Automatically respond to viewer presence – The Human Sensor switches the display from very low to operating brightness or changes inputs when a person enters a proximity zone. This optional feature can also be used for creative signage or minimise unnecessary power use.
  • Mission-critical 24/7 ready operation – with reliable, industry grade components and NEC trusted performance.
  • Enhanced Ergonomics – thanks to 10-bit S-IPS performance for reliable colour reproduction and a special optical Quarter Lambda Filter to guarantee outdoor readability even through polarized sunglasses.
  • Sunlight-proof operation – with highly temperature-resistant LCD panel coating to withstand direct sunlight without blackening effects.


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NEC X474HB 47" 2,000 nits High Bright LCD Monitor port diagram