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NEC Indoor Digital Signage Totem for X552 55″ LCD Public Display Monitors

NEC 55″ Indoor totem designed for digital signage in commercial premises, public spaces and locations on which the flow of visitors places high demands on media equipment. Compatible with NEC 55″ XS series large format displays and available as single or back-to-back.


  • 24/7 Digital Poster Totem
  • 55″ Portrait format
  • Single or Double Sided Totem
  • Available in Black or White
  • Dual Security Locks
  • NEC approved

Please note these totems are subject to price changes at short notice. Pricing below should be considered a guide price only.

Please contact us before ordering to confirm the best deal.

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This enclosure for indoor Digital Signage is as secure as it is attractive and allows you to meet visitors from two directions at the same time. The totem is available as a single display or with two displays back-to-back. In combination with a Slot-in PC all the solution requires is a single power outlet.

This cabinet is designed for commercial premises, public spaces and other locations in which the flow of visitors places high demands on the media equipment. It discreetly blends into different surroundings.

  • Unbreakable Hammerglass that can resist most forms of chemical and acid attack
  • Polycarbonate glass with 99,96% UV protection
  • Special surface treatment prevents the glass from clouding or fading
  • Two drill-proof high-security locks prevent from external damage
  • Kick-rail and structured coating ensure that any stains and marks are hardly visible
  • Can be bolted to the floor to securely be held in place
  • Simple installation, even when used for double-mounted displays
  • Approved by NEC

The NEC totem is fitted with unbreakable Hammerglass that can resist most forms of chemical and acid attack. The polycarbonate glass gives 99,96% UV protection and the surface treatment prevents the glass from clouding or fading. It has two drill-proof high-security locks to ensure your equipment is kept safe. A kick-rail and structured coating ensure that any stains and marks are hardly visible. The totem can be easily bolted to the floor to secure it in place. The unit provides a simple solution that is approved by NEC and guarantees longevity and reliability for your NEC displays.

We can supply these totems with or without the screens installed. Save on buying the totem and the screen individually, plus we will install and test the screen free of charge. We can also supply a full range of NEC accessories like built-in PC’s and third-party items such as media players. Contact with your requirement for a quotation tailored to your needs.
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Finish Black or white
Casing Robust coated metal of thickness 1,5-3mm
Glass 8-10mm unbreakable Hammerglass (polycarbonate)
LOCK Two drill-proof locks (with keys)
55” Indoor Cabinet 120 x 950 x 1450 mm
VESA Bar 400×400 70 x 510 x 60 mm
Floor Stand Single 2320 x 900 x 340 mm
Floor Stand Double 2320 x 900 x 340 mm
55” Indoor Cabinet 46 kg
VESA Bar 400×400 0,95 kg
Floor Stand Single 95 kg
Floor Stand Double 90 kg
SHIPPING CONTENTS One or two Indoor Cabinets incl. VESA Bars 400×400, Floor Stand for Cabinet (single or double back-to-back), screws for installing the displays, key for locking the cabinet
WARRANTY 3 years