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knoXbox 32" to 84" Premium Modular Monitor Enclosures

knoXbox provides a versatile premium enclosure solution for Digital Signage Public Display monitors. By using a modular system the base unit can by adapted for any installation – wall mount, totem, plinth, interactive touch etc. Customisable for any application they offer complete protection for your DOOH equipment from the elements and vandalism.


  • Extreme weather protection
  • Anti-vandal protection
  • Easy maintenance
  • No visible screws
  • Multiple safety lock system
  • Modular system for all types of installation
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The highly robust knoXbox base case is manufactured using a unique construction technology, developed by ide-tec. It can be used for any out of home entertainment and Infotainment application using large format digital displays. The knoXbox can be used for wall mounting, free-standing totem solutions, integration in façades or for installation in your own unique structure.

The knoXbox can be optimized for specific applications. A wide range of accessories and selectable surfaces integrate the knoXbox perfectly into the surrounding environment. The look can be classic, modern or rustic. You can decide how your knoXbox will look via a choice of materials and paint finishes.

The basic knoXbox module provides a universal modular enclosure for any application. Whether mounted on the wall, as a stand-kiosk, for installation in a façade design or even as an interactive panorama desk with touch screen. The basic enclosure can be adapted into many different formats.

If you require concealed mounting an optional flush-mounting frame can be used to rebate your knoXbox into a wall.

An optional stand construction with extended side brackets changes the base knoXbox into an attractive standalone totem unit in either Portrait or Landscape formats. The side walls and front panels can be made of special materials to add a personal touch to your totem – stone, wood or metal surfaces for example. The device can be adapted to your Corporate Identity, the environment or just your personal taste.

By removing the outer panels mounting points of the knoXbox are exposed. The housing can then be seamlessly installed into a façade design. The special swivel mechanism of the front screen ensures that exterior panelling, such as glass, perspex, forex or similar materials can be assembled within just a few millimetres of the screen without affecting the opening.

The console stand for panorama tables turns your knoXbox into a multifunctional interactive surface table. Ideal for tourist attractions you can show your information without compromising the view of the user.
knoXbox enclosure features - designed for outdoor use in any format

knoXbox Premium Public Display Enclosures for all applications Protect against heavy rain, storms, dirt and dust with an IP65 enclosure suitable for use in rough environments and in all weather conditions.
knoXbox Premium Public Display Enclosures for all applications Impact resistant protection against vandalism and damage with rugged enclosure technology, safety screens and multiple lock system.
knoXbox Premium Public Display Enclosures for all applications The screen can be fitted with a touch capable foil for interactive kiosks.
knoXbox Premium Public Display Enclosures for all applications The front safety glass has a UV filter to reduce heat build-up and protect equipment from sun exposure.
knoXbox Premium Public Display Enclosures for all applications Special thermal management allows for operation in ambient temperatures from -35 to +42 ° C without using energy-intensive air conditioning. (Depending on the appropriate display)
knoXbox Premium Public Display Enclosures for all applications Additional cooling systems and special thermal packs are available for regions with temperatures beyond > 42 ° C or <-35 ° C

Features and Functions

Daylight Suitable displays requires a very high brightness and they produce high characteristic temperatures. Sunning multiplies this effect. This results in very harmful temperature ranges, which can even lead to total failure of the implemented display. The knoXbox absorbs the sun’s energy, the temperature conditions will be compensated a balanced operating environment will be reached.

Sudden, extreme cold spells or blackouts in wintertime’s with low temperatures are often the end for expensive displays. Especially in alpine areas. The knoXbox responds to such extreme situations and controls all internal components accordingly. Displays and PC will be switched off in an emergency and they will be rebooted only, when optimal operating conditions are reached again.

Control unit with remote access

The sophisticated control technology with self-preservation circuit is the heart of the knoXbox. All components including the integrated display and PC will be optimally controlled and switched in dependence to the environment temperature and humidity. There are several predefined control programs available that have been developed and optimized based on years of experience, measurement data and the analysis of weather data for the different regions.

Switching conditions and environment values will be recorded by a Event log and the user will be informed about fault states and upcoming maintenance.

knoXbox Options

    • Touchscreen for outdoor and anti-vandal usage
    • High Performance Displays up to 5.000 nits brightness for direct sunlight applications
    • Air Conditioning for temperatures higher than 42°C
    • Intercom Systems (analogue, VoIP, video…)
    • Sound systems and various input devices
    • Customised solutions tailored to your exact requirements, quotations upon request


Download the knoXbox brochure here. (550kb PDF)

If you are interested in the knoXbox enclosures then please give us a call on 01462 433558 or use the contact form below.

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knoXbox Sizes

knoXbox Type Enclosure Orientation Enclosure Size (W x H x D mm) Height with Totem option (mm) Active Screen Area (W x H mm)
32″ Portrait 715 x 1076 x 220 2000 393 x 698
32″ Landscape 1025 x 766 x 220 n/a 698 x 390
46/47″ Portrait 840 x 1347 x 250 2220 585 x 1040
46/47″ Landscape 1295 x 889 x 250 1945 1040 x 585
55″ Portrait 940 x 1519 x 250 2220 688 x 1217
55″ Landscape 1465 x 992 x 250 2043 1217 x 688
60/65″ Portrait 1115 x 1790 x 300 2567 803 x 1428
60/65″ Landscape 1736 x 1167 x 300 2220 1428 x 803
70/72″ Portrait 1175 x 1945 x 300 2620 897 x 1595
70/72″ Landscape 1870 x 1244 x 300 2120 1595 x 897
84″ Portrait 1326 x 2200 x 300 2885 1046 x 1860
84″ Landscape 2140 x 1387 x 300 2260 1860 x 1046



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