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Armagard PDS-60-W-L – 60″ Protective Landscape Enclosure for LCD monitors

Protecting against vandalism and aggressive weather conditions, the PDS-60 landscape is a wall mounted outdoor enclosure, manufactured from rugged mild steel and sealed to NEMA3/4, creating a secure environment for a 60″ LCD display.


  • Universal screen mount
  • Dual Security Locks
  • Surge Protected Power
  • Optional thermal management
  • Optional anti-reflective screen
  • Optional enhanced insulation

Note: Hot Climate model – POA

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Protecting against vandalism and aggressive weather conditions, the PDS-60 landscape is a wall mounted outdoor enclosure, manufactured from rugged mild steel and sealed to NEMA4, creating a secure environment for an LCD display.

Armagard enclosures provide protection for LCD screens in outdoor, public or harsh industrial environments. Constructed according to European IP and International NEMA standards they are built from mild or stainless steel with a shatter-proof screen and come complete with Screen mounting brackets. They are also backed by a 5 year warranty for all mechanical parts.

They provide protection against collisions, particle ingress, heavy rain, and are sealed to IP54/56/65 (models). Using an LCD enclosure offers a rugged, cost-efficient alternative to dedicated outdoor displays, and allows for the integration of thin-client PC or media player with the screen.

The generic nature of the enclosures means that they are usable with a variety of commercial-grade displays. They are available in sizes from 24” up to 70”, and provide the perfect solution for outdoor locations where vandalism may be a concern.

Protected signage can convey many types of information in a variety of environments from timetables to announcements, menus, directions and advertising.

More cost effective than buying a restrictive outdoor LCD display, Armagard enclosures allow for quick hardware swap-in upgrades instead of expensive technician call outs.

Product Features:

Dimensions Height 1049mm Width 1529mm Depth 232mm
Enclosure Options Lite – Semi-Outdoor Outdoor – Standard Outdoor – Cold Climate Outdoor – Hot Climate
Product Code PDS-60-W-L-UK-B PDS-60-W-L-UK-S PDS-60-W-L-UK-H PDS-60-W-L-UK-AC
Temperature Range 0°C to + 34°C -5°C to + 34°C -30°C to + 34°C -30°C to + 55°C
NEMA Protection Rating NEMA4/IP54 NEMA4/IP56 NEMA4/IP56 NEMA4/IP65
Window Type Polycarbonate Anti-reflective Polycarbonate Anti-reflective Glass Anti-reflective Glass
Universal Screen Mount YES YES YES YES
Dual Security Locks YES YES YES YES
Air Curtainᵀᴹ YES YES YES
Surge Protected Power YES YES YES YES
Exterior Plenum Chamber Cooling YES YES YES
Internal Heater (Thermally Controlled) YES YES
Closed Cell Insulation YES YES
Air Conditioning YES


Armagard Hardware

Armagard Air Curtain The Air Curtain ™ – Directing a constant flow of air across an installed display, the Armagard Air-Curtain reduces damage from heat build, direct sunlight and freezing conditions, optimising the window for clarity, promotion efficiency and increasing display lifespan.
Armagard Internal heating Internal Heating – Stops your screen from freezing over in winter, Internal Heaters maintain the optimum level of warmth within the enclosure, increasing the average air temperature to sustain display longevity.
Armagard universal mounting bracket Interior Mounting Brackets – Reducing twisting and distributing weight evenly, Armagard bracket arms can be moved independently forward or backwards, allowing installers to optimise their display for the best possible viewing angle.
Armagard Dual security locks Dual Security Locks – Fitted with two key security locks, locking bar and anti-torsion bolts, Armagard placement security offers piece-of-mind for units left in unmanned locations.
Armagard anti-reflective window Anti-Reflective – Available in either glass or polycarbonate, anti-reflective windows reduce glare and surrounding light reflections, presenting a clear and accurate image when in direct sunlight.**
Armagard toughened window Toughened Windows – Available in glass or polycarbonate, Armagard toughened windows carry unique high-strength properties, making them ideal for busy or vandal prone areas.
Armagard insulation Closed Cell Insulation – Improving thermal performance, Armagard’s 25mm low temperature insulation eliminates any thermal bridges and improves energy efficiency throughout the enclosure.
Armagard plenum chambers Plenum Chambers – Allows the enclosure to be fully jet washed while allowing a filtered air-flow to transfer heat away, Plenum Chambers prevent any water from entering the unit and damaging the display.

**Note: Glare can never be fully removed, to reduce glare to its lowest level, we recommend an anti-reflective glass with a 1% reflection rating, over a polycarbonate of 8%.