This package comprises of a 2×2 video wall capable of displaying 4k images from a single DisplayPort 1.2 connection, mounted onto a freestanding and mobile cart stand. The ultra narrow bezel X554UNS screens provide a bezel gap of just 3.9mm between the screens providing a near seamless image.


4k 110" 2x2-Video-Wall

Videowall package contains:

4x MultiSync® X554UNS 55″ LCD Screens, arranged in 2 rows and 2 columns.

1x 2×2 Freestanding Video Wall Cart

Total screen dimension – 2.431 m x 1.372 m x 9.96 cm (w x h x d)

Total pixel count – 3840 x 2160, 8.29 MP (w x h)

Total power consumption  – 4.0 W / 600.0 W (standby / typ.)

Total weight – screens: 4 x 27.90 kg + stand: 99 kg = 210.60 kg

Total package price: NOW £13,500 +VAT




  • Native UHD Daisy Chaining through DisplayPort 1.2 Multistreaming – enables the user to create UHD videowalls with either a single UHD image or 4 different Full HD sources.
  • 24 / 7 usage by using high quality grade panels to allow continuous use of the videowall.
  • Auto Tile Matrix for a complete auto set up for videowalls. Save time and cost by configuring one display in order to complete the set up for the entire wall.
  • Frame Comp supports a seamless appearance and shows the content without any interruption, creating one stunning image by synchronising the content across the wall.
  • Unique NEC heat management enables the user to monitor and control the heat inside the display with user controllable fans. Heat management is crucial for larger walls and mission critical installations to secure reliability and longevity.
  • Factory calibration guarantees a very high level of uniformity, while user hardware calibration with the optional calibration kit allows the user to achieve any contrast, brightness and colour temperature desired.
  • The stand allows for easy alignment of the displays with independent height, plumb and lateral shift adjustment
  • Smooth rolling casters enable effortless positioning (1 locking caster per leg) (Stand available without wheels as option)
  • Integrated cable management for a clean installation