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Projection Screen Paint - Goo  Paint

Make any surface a high quality projection screen with Goo Systems paint.

– Any shape, any size, and lower cost than traditional screen materials

– Available in White or shades of Grey for higher contrast and more vivid colours

– Suitable for all 2D projection and with an option for non-depolarising passive 3D projection

– Ideal for all Home Theatre, Commercial or Industrial Projection applications


Available Paint Colours:

Reference White:
Best suited for rooms with complete light control.

High Contrast:
Best suited for rooms with moderate ambient light levels.

Max Contrast:
Best suited for rooms with high ambient light levels.

Ultra Contrast:
Best suited for rooms with very high ambient light levels.

Ultra Silver 3D:
For High Gain, High Contrast non-depolarizing 3D applications.

Coloured Tints are available for special projects.

Pixelution Ltd.

Paint features include:

• Exceptional colour fidelity

• Excellent gain with minimal hot spotting

• Industry-leading horizontal and vertical off-axis characteristics

• Exceptional affordability vs material screens

• Easy application by roller or spray system

• Finishing options for material or paint borders




Goo Systems Projection Screen Paint