ISE 2015 Pixelution Highlights

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Here are a few highlights from ISE 2015:


DynaScan had a number of new products on show. The 55″ 7,000 nits DS551LT7 becomes the brightest production monitor available. With a level of brightness to rival LED walls this screen is uniquely placed for applications where signage has to be seen no matter what the lighting conditions. They have also refreshed the 55″ 5,000 nits DS55LT6 model with lower power consumption and a slimmer bezel width. Next up is a 55″ ultra narrow bezel video wall monitor with a brightness of 3,000 nits. The DS551LX4 is the brightest video wall monitor solution available with the same bezel width as the best in class from any other manufacturer.

At the opposite end of the scale they have two new offerings. The DS321LT4 becomes the entry point in the range in terms of size and brightness at 32″ and 2,500 nits. This screen is already proving popular due to its compact size.

Lastly from DynaScan the DS381LT4 a 3:1 ratio wide aspect screen aimed at information displays such as timetables and menus. With a brightness of 2,500 nits this screen should prove to be a big hit with restaurants and transport terminals looking for daylight readable digital signage.


KnoXbox also had some new products on show. Their popular modular enclosure system had a minor refresh with a new monitor mounting system making servicing and access even easier. The modular system means installation of totems and other large scale enclosures is much easier. They also had a new interior version on show bringing the same high quality finish and features to a new market.