BrightSign - The global market leader in Digital Signage Players

Only BrightSign provides PC-class performance with none of the glitches and down-time. BrightSign’s solid-state players and BrightAuthor software assure 100% reliability while delivering all of the capabilities you need. Powerful Performance And Reliability Designed exclusively for digital signage, BrightSign’s slim OS delivers superior signage capabilities and exceptional 4K and Full HD video quality with a solid-state platform you can depend on. This PC-class solution delivers the absolute highest standard of reliability and affordability without the PC hassels. Plus, our green, energy-efficient device consumes less power to help keep operating costs down.

BrightSign - The global market leader in Digital Signage PlayersPC-Class Performance And Reliability – without the PC hassles

  • Dependable solid-state platform delivers the absolute highest standard of reliability.
  • Designed exclusively for digital signage, BrightSign’s slim OS delivers superior signage capabilities and exceptional Full HD video quality.
  • BrightSign XD models offer PC-class performance and engaging sophistication delivered without a PC. Powerful Video and HTML5 Rendering Engines
  • Dual decoding and superior scaling to deliver pristine 1080p video content – even Live HDTV.
  • Flawless, simultaneous playback of Full HD video layered with multiple modular HTML5 assets powered by a hardware-accelerated HTML5 rendering engine.

More Than Just a Media Player

Included with every player is the free and fully featured BrightAuthor software for local or network updates, along with an option to subscribe to BrightSign Network, a cloud-based service that frees you from the complexities of hosting and maintaining your own large scale network.

Brightsign 4K1142 - Native 4k Media Player for networked interactive displaysState-of-the-Art Technology

BrightSign offers True 4K and Full HD playback, 4K upscaling, dual video decoding, PoE+, HTML5, Live TV, live feeds, video walls, IP streaming, sign preview, remote snapshot, and a wide array of interactive options. With BrightSign, you get dynamic results without difficulty. Bypass the digital signage learning curve completely with BrightSign’s abundant, easy-to-use features and robust presentation creation tools for building multi-screen video walls, multi-zone screen layouts and more. Hook your audience with dynamic content integration and engaging interactive controls. This abundance of sophisticated features and unrivaled
technology is available now from the global market leader in digital signage media players.

All Inclusive Options

BrightSign players can act as end-points for market leading CMS systems, and BrightSign also offers an all-inclusive solution. All BrightSign models include free BrightAuthor software, providing an easy way to create and publish presentations using an intuitive drag and drop interface. All models are network enabled and include free networking solutions as well as options for measurement and feedback reports, content management and network administration tools. With a wide range of networking options and feature-rich software available in multiple languages, BrightSign offers the best-equipped and most reliable signage solution on the market today.

The BrightSign Product Lines

BrightSign LSBrightSign LS423 Entry-Level Media Player


BrightSign HD

HD223 Standard I/O Player

BrightSign XD

Brightsign XD232 - Full HD Media Player for networked interactive displays

BrightSign 4K

Brightsign 4K1042 - Native 4k Media Player for networked interactive displays

BrightSign LS

BrightSign introduces a low cost and fully featured commercial-grade player providing a far superior alternative to the consumer devices sometimes chosen for price-sensitive installations.

LS Series Models:

LS422 – EOL – Limited stock available – contact us for details.

Low cost and fully featured commercial-grade player providing a far superior alternative to the consumer devices sometimes chosen for price-sensitive installations.


BrightSign’s entry-level, commercial-grade player delivers signature reliability and affordability in an extremely compact form.

BrightSign HD

BrightSign HD products bring exceptional performance and solid-state reliability to your digital signage installations. Updated HD models have an improved media handling platform, a smaller physical form factor, and are lower cost than ever before. Customers enjoy superior ease of use and integration for simple plug and play content or robust interactive capabilities. BrightAuthor software is included free of charge for easy creation of signage and kiosk presentations. Simply select the BrightSign model of your choice for a reliable signage solution that is highly affordable and simple to deploy. With three models to choose from, the BrightSign HD
solution supports a wide variety of applications from stand-alone kiosk displays to networked solutions with engaging interactivity.

More affordable than ever
• Includes BrightAuthor software & free networking options – nothing else is needed
• So easy to use & reliable, no need for professional IT or A/V support
• Low power consumption due to solid-state platform helps keep operating costs down – a green solution
• Updated platform technology with provides improved media handling capabilities, a better bottom line and longer availability

Easy to use and integrate
• Effortless to use – simply build playlists in BrightAuthor and publish to an SD card or network
• Engages with ease by connecting to a wide variety of interactive devices from buttons to touch screens and UDP commands
• Ultra compact size for easy integration

Full HD quality
• Robust decoding for exceptional Full HD video quality
• Multi-zone screen layouts Signature reliability
• Purposely built for digital signage with a solid-state platform and a slim OS
• Superior reliability – no PC down time

Dynamic capabilities
• Live Text – simple data integration to connect Twitter feeds, stock tickers and other private and public databases to POS displays, menu boards, wait lists,
financial/manufacturing displays, and more
• Create unique video walls for vibrant exhibits, events and promotions
• Utilize dynamic playlists to update a set of content without republishing an entire presentation

HD Series Models:

HD222 – EOL – Limited stock available – contact us for details.

Networked Looping Model: Enjoy easy, networked content updates and live data feeds along with flawless video playback, and Ethernet synchronization.


Enjoy flawless Full HD single video decoding, mainstream HTML5 performance and simultaneous playback from local, networked and streaming sources.

HD1022 – EOL – Limited stock available – contact us for details.

Networked Interactive Model: Engage your audience with a wide range of interactive options using GPIO, USB, serial and UDP connections and networked content for a truly impressive display.


All the features of the HD223 plus additional interactive options via USB2.0 (type A) and serial to fully engage your audience.

BrightSign XD

BrightSign XD’s highly reliable solid-state platform includes an advanced video decoding engine with superior scaling technology that even upscales 1080p videos to 4K resolution. All models support HTML5 so content creators can use familiar development tools to create engaging content that will playback flawlessly on our hardware accelerated HTML5 engine. Touch-screen interactivity is enhanced with swipe/gesture control through HTML5 as well. BrightSign XD’s abundant content support also extends to Full HD IP video streaming, Live Text, Media RSS feeds and via an ATSC/Clear QAM tuner or HDMI input. BrightSign XD, combined with free BrightAuthor software and a variety of networking solutions, is the market leading non-PC solution ideal for virtually any signage installation.

XD Series Models:

XD232 Networked Player

Powerful video engine capable of dual Full HD 1080p60 video decoding, upscaling 1080p video to 4K resolution and simultaneous content playback from local, networked and streaming sources. Abundant content support including HTML5 and 3D content. And UDP network control for messaging between BrightSign and third-party devices.

XD1032 Networked Interactive Player

All the features of the XD230 plus S/PDIF output for pure digital and surround sound audio and a diverse range of interactive controls such as GPIO, serial, USB, UDP and mobile devices, for engaging interactive displays.

XD1132 Networked Interactive Player with Live HDTV

Includes all the features BrightSign offers plus Live HDTV playback, so you can play content from any broadcast channel (even HDCP protected content) via the HDMI input and content from cable TV or closed circuit TV broadcasts via the ATSC/Clear QAM tuner.

4k Player

Introducing BrightSign 4K, the world’s first ultra-reliable, fan-less, solid-state, commercial 4K player offering unsurpassed performance and supporting all of the new technology standards of the True 4K Ecosystem. BrightSign 4K plays native 4K H.265 10 bit video files at 60 fps via HDMI 2.0. Priced competitively and delivering the highest playback standard in the new 4K ecosystem, BrightSign 4K offers all the features and capabilities of BrightSign XD1230 and will be shipping later this year.