Top 5 Advantages of using Digital Signage Displays

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DynaScan Outdoor Sunlight Readable Digital Signage TotemPrinted and even handwritten signs have been the mainstay of many retail and restaurant businesses over the years. But times change and in this modern world of social media, complete with spontaneous and continuous content generation, businesses are having to adapt.

By utilising effective digital signage you can engage with your customers more directly and respond to changes in your target market instantly.

Digital signage can be anything from a large sunlight viewable video wall in a shop window, to a small 10″ screen by your cash register. Whether you are showing promotional videos, twitter feeds, pricing information, modern public display screens provide an easy way get your message across to your audience.

If you are currently using printed signage to communicate with your customers here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider moving to a digital system.

1. Eye catching content.

There is no doubt that a moving image attracts the human eye more than a static one when used correctly. By moving to a digital system you can go beyond static images and utilise video, motion and even sound to grab the attention of your audience. You can also embed live TV, social media streams, or web cam content into your displays. But motion on its own is not always the best option. It is easy to be distracted by what you can do rather than focusing on what works best for your message. What digital systems do best is allow you to stack up a catalogue of available and relevant content for your products or services and ensure brand recognition across all outlets large or small.

2. Easily modified.

With printed posters once the season has passed, the product has changed or sold out, that poster is no longer useful. A new print run is ordered, delivered and installed which all costs money. With a digital system your content can be changed in an instant, pricing can be adjusted, availability confirmed, relevant information conveyed. React to your business quickly and easily. You can even edit your content on the spot – for example if you need to change a menu item description or price you can simply type it in rather than rely on the services of a trained sign-writer or a new print run.

3. Schedule changes.

Not only do digital signs enable you to quickly change content when required the whole process can be automated. Change your menus from Breakfast to Lunch to Dinner without user intervention. Update timetables or events as they come and go. You can even schedule different information out of hours to capture a different audience. Automation allows you to plan in advance and removes the human ‘too busy’ or ‘forgot to do’ part. It also ensures all points of information remain coherent.

4. Remote control.

Because everything is connected in this age of the internet, managing your screens is easier than ever. At the most basic level you can plug a USB stick into a screen to update your content. Beyond that you can manage your screens locally or remotely via a wired or wireless network. You can roll out updates to all your branches nationwide from one central control point. You can even let your customers interact with your displays via social media. By keeping your content fresh and dynamic you can keep your customers engaged.

5. ROI via reduce print costs.

It is obvious that a Digital signage solution will initially costs more to install than a simple printed poster. If you only have one sign that never changes then digital signage is probably not the solution you need. However if you do produce printed material or change your message on a regular basis the ROI for digital signage could be substantial. Not only are you getting a quicker and easier method of getting your message to your audience, you are reducing your use of paper, fuel (deliveries) and most importantly time.



Here are some examples of where digital advertising can enhance traditional print:NEC Digital Signage

A coffee shop on a rainy day is running ads for their hot drinks in the window. The sun comes out and suddenly it turns into a glorious hot day. At the touch of a button their window displays change to offer their range of ice-creams, juices and smoothies.

A hair dressing salon is using digital signage to advertise styles, pricing and customer feedback. If an appointment gets cancelled they can change their signs to let potential customers know that they are currently accepting walk-in appointments.

A hotel is using a digital screen in the foyer to show a schedule of events throughout the day. Focus can be given to the next upcoming event, or those events which are under-subscribed, to entice visitors to those events. Any last minute changes to schedules, locations, attendees can be easily communicated via the screens reducing the need for direct staff interaction.

A school uses outdoor and indoor displays to inform parents and students of daily events, clubs and changes to schedule. A dynamic noticeboard solution provides clear messaging to visitors and ensures that all noticeboards relay the same information all the time. The same could be applied to a sports centre or cinema.


If you think Digital advertising could help your business then give us a call or contact us and we will be happy to discuss what we can do to help you get your message delivered to your customers.