Iiyama 65" Touchscreen TH6564MIS-B1AG

Special Package Deal

An Ideal Interactive Whiteboard Replacement Kit

65″ Iiyama Multi-Touch Screen

Security Wall Bracket with padlock

5m Connection Cables


Package Price: £2,400 +VAT inc. Delivery




The Iiyama ProLite TH6564MIS-B1AG is a professional large format LCD display with IR touch-technology ideally suited for educational needs.

Using a high quality commercial AMVA3 LCD screen guarantees great viewing angles from all sides and delivers superb image performance from anywhere in a class or meeting-room. The solid and robust design is suitable for use in the most demanding environments. Unlike interactive whiteboards, there are no shadows or reduction in image performance to contend with. No more replacement bulbs every year. The Anti Glare screen drastically reduces ambient reflection in high brightness environments without compromising the sharp clarity of the content. Using a finger or stylus, you can write, annotate, draw and present with confidence.

This package includes the high quality Chief wall mount which provides micro-adjustment to ensure a solid and level mount for the screen on any wall. We include a padlock with the package to ensure the screen can not be removed until it is unlocked. We also include a cable set comprising of a 5m HDMI/DVI video cable, 5m USB cable and 6m Power cable to ensure you have everything required to connect to your computer with ease.

We are also happy to customise this package with different cables, floor or trolley mounts, computer systems and even installation for a total package.

If you are interested in replacing your old whiteboards or looking to take your first steps with interactive displays then please give us a call to discuss all the available options on 01462 433558.


About this Iiyama Touch Screen

This large format public display touch screen uses an infrared backlight as its touch technology. Touch events are registered with great accuracy when the infrared light is blocked by a finger or stylus touching the screen. This technology does not rely on an overlay or substrate to register a touch event, so it’s impossible to physically “wear out” the touchscreen. The infrared technology ensures great picture performance as there is no overlay or substrate on the screen. The display characteristics of this screen are virtually the same as that of the non-touch model.

Please note that multi-touch functionality is only supported under Windows® 7/8. Third party software support for Apple Mac available please call for details.