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TVlogic LUM-300W – 31" 4k UHD SDI/HDMI/DP Video Monitor

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TVlogic LUM-300W UK List Price: £15,431 +VAT.

Please note we only supply genuine UK TVLogic stock which come with a 2 year Parts & Labour Warranty.

The TVLogic LUM-300W is an UHD or true 4k monitor with a 31″ IPS LCD panel with a native resolution of 4096 x 2160, with 10-bit and DCI colour gamut support. Input is via quad SDI, quad HDMI and dual DisplayPort and it supports a wide range of signal standards. With the latest generation IPS-PRO LCD technology the LUM-300W achieves 100% of REC 709 gamut and 97% of DCI-P3 gamut.


  • 31″ 4096 x 2160 True 4K Resolution
  • Matte Finish Panel
  • Reproduces 97% of DCI-P3 color gamut
  • Supports 48Hz, 50Hz, and 60Hz frame rates for precise motion
  • 1:1 pixel mapping modes
  • 4 x HDMI, 4 x SDI and 2 x DP Inputs
  • 4 x SDI & 4 x HDMI loop-out
  • 1450:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Full screen display for source selection among 4ch of HDMI and SDI
  • 3G-SDI Level A & Level B support
  • SDI, HDMI, DP 10-bit support
  • Supports TVLogic Colour Calibration Utility for proper colour alignment


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The 31″ TVLogic LUM-300W is a UHD or True 4k resolution monitor with a 31″ native 4096×2160 10-bit LCD panel that can display full screen 4k video. The LUM-300W is designed for high-end 4k cinema post as well as high resolution industrial, military, medical and CAD design applications. The LUM-300W can also display four Full HD 1920×1080 inputs at once or scale a single input to fill the full screen. It offers the industry’s most advanced features and video processing.

The LUM-300W has four input and four output connectors for the SDI and HDMI, and two DisplayPort inputs to provide the widest range of compatibility and connectivity.

The TVLogic LUM-300W has the resolution, colour characteristics and refresh rate to fully satisfy the requirements for DCI 4k workflow. The LCD panel itself has a native 4k resolution of 4096 x 2160, 10bit driving and a large enough colour gamut that can be set to reproduce DCI, Rec.709 and other colour standards. Most importantly for a professional video monitor the refresh rate of the screen can be set to 48Hz, 50Hz and 60Hz to match the content without any additional signal processing.

The TVLogic LUM-300W has outstanding colour calibration and control capabilities for colour critical 4k work environments. It is precisely calibrated in the factory before shipping to ensure perfect results out of the box. 

LUM-300W input signal support

Feature LUM-300W
SDI Input 60P – 4ch Input YUV/RGB
DisplayPort Input 60P – 1ch Input (DP v1.2)
60P – 2ch Input (1920×2160 per channel, DP v1.1)
HDMI Input 30P – 1ch or 4ch Input
60P – 2ch (1920×2160 per channel) or 4ch Input

*Please note all specifications subject to change on final release.

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TVLogic LUM-300W 31″ True 4k LCD Broadcast Video Monitor – Dimensions

TVlogic LUM-300W – 31" 4k UHD SDI/HDMI/DP Video Monitor

– 759.8 x 448.5 x 146.3 (29.91 x 17.66 x 5.76)
– 759.8 x 501.5 x 255 (29.91 x 19.74 x 10) with stand
– Weight : TBD