Strongbox - Ultimate Performance High-end PC Workstations for Digital Content Creation



Strongbox are a new range of highly optimized PC workstations targeted at the Digital Content Creation industries.

By utilising high specification components and carefully tuning them for maximum performance the Strongbox systems provide a minimum of 20% performance increase over stock parts. Only the very best components are used to ensure every element of the system runs at the peak of its capabilities. By taking advantage of the very latest technology every aspect of these systems is like a PC on steroids. The OS drive runs at up to 1200MB/sec sustained output – much faster than standard SSD’s. Highly efficient cooling reduces operating temperatures by up to 20C less providing even greater benefits at higher temperatures.

The range is fully customisable and spans Dual Xeon and Single i7 based systems. With up to 36 physical cores in a single system combined with up to 19,000 CUDA cores these systems can render and compute faster than any comparable system on the market.

Backed by a 2 year warranty and built in the UK Strongbox provide the ultimate creative workstations for facilities and production companies.

More details we be released in the coming weeks but in the meantime if you are in the market for an exceptionally fast PC then give us a call on 01462 433558 to discuss the options.