The Exentia EXK55s range of IP55 rated Totems have been designed to meet all requirements for digital signage in outdoor areas.

With Exentia IP55S Full-Outdoor we wanted to defy nature by designing a Totem able to work in open places, with ambient temperature from -30°C up to +40°C, without resorting to the use of classical HVAC air-conditioning. It is ideal for installations in direct sunlight, in the rain, the snow, in the presence of salt, dust or pollution. Designed to be always on 24/7, it offers excellent performance in terms of readability with a particular care to aesthetics, ergonomics, usability, and functionality. The high-brightness LCD panel is visible even when there is direct sunlight on the screen and has the latest and most sophisticated technology that ensures crystal-liquid maximum performance capabilities even in conditions of high temperatures due to solar radiation on the screen.

The enclosure is made ​​entirely of aluminium, immune to electromagnetic interference, and has excellent corrosion resistance. Exentia Totem EXK55s is available in 46″/47 “and 75”, single or double sided for use in very crowded places and with high visibility. The vandal-resistant frontal glass, 3G/4G connectivity and a sophisticated diagnostic system make it particularly suitable to be installed in the cultural-historical areas, in urban city centres or in tourist areas by the sea and the mountains, where information must be guaranteed, whether it be informative, interactive or advertising.



  • Air vortex ventilation system
  • Guaranteed full operation under direct sunlight
  • Designed to function in all climatic conditions
  • High reliability for 24/7 use
  • Advanced diagnostics system
  • Robust and vandal-proof
  • Double or Multi Touchscreen available


Guaranteed full operation under direct sunlight

The high-brightness LCD is visible under direct sunlight and is equipped with the most recent and sophisticated technology guaranteeing the liquid crystals perform at their optimum, even under high-temperatures due to direct sunlight on the screen.

Designed to function in all climatic conditions

The Exentia Full Outdoor line was created to respond to the requests for use in outdoor conditions, with direct sunlight, under rain, snow, and in the presence of saltiness, dust and atmospheric pollution, with environmental temperature from -30°C up to +40°C. For more extreme conditions we can provide a solution with full air-conditioning.

Robust and vandal proof

The enclosure is made entirely of aluminium that is fully recyclable, immune to electromagnetic disturbances and with an excellent resistance to corrosion.

High reliability for 24/7 use

Designed to operate 24/7, the Exentia line offers optimum performance in readability, with a particular care to aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and most importantly usability. The presence of the internal HVAC (Heating, Ventilation And Cooling) system, front vandal proof glass and 3G/4G connectivity makes this product particularly adaptable to any situation.

Advanced diagnostics system

The advanced diagnostics system is able to monitor data coming from the electronics board, media player, digital temperature sensors, humidity sensor, air conditioning functions, ventilation and external light sensor (optical sensor) in order to control the operating status of the enclosure.

Exclusive design

A perfect balance between functionality, style and technology. Extensive research, stylish design and attention to detail combined with the use of top quality materials differentiates these products from other solutions.

Touchscreen available

Available with Projected Capacitive dual touch option for interactive content.


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Standard Sizes


Structure and materials

Main structure in anti-corrosive aluminium
and Anti-glare safety tempered glass.

Safety lock with invisible screws and hinges

No space required for wall placement

Vandal-proof grade structure (IK08)

Optional base with wheels

Custom builds undertaken


Colour and finish


Metal texture & Client logo customisation available